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Mid in the West

A friend of mine recently came out to Colorado to catch the first few weeks of the new season before heading back to Michigan to catch the start of their season. Bringing the Midwest luck with him Luke arrived to a snow covered Denver as we had just received a second fall storm. After an interesting day of attempting to film, a trip to the ER (not for us) and some epic mini shred, Luke still wanted more. So off we ventured through neighborhoods and up mountain sides looking for something, anything that looked like it could help us have fun on our snowboards. Finally, we stopped at the base of a very worn out looking sled hill and Luke giving me the look that says “well, how bout it?” stepped out of the car. Here we are on the edge of the Mile High city, at the base of the Rocky Mountains and of all the places we could have chosen to go snowboarding, we picked this haggard looking hill. Turns out, it was the best pick of the day. Dodging mini boulders and cacti, we dropped in on the sled hill and a blast of nostalgia hits…

I’m 10 and I am standing on a 2” thick piece of plastic with my feet slid into 2 frail looking plastic straps and in front of me is an icy hill with tubers and sledders a like. Watching as kids hurtle down the hill and go launching off into the air after hitting a sled hill super booter only to land square on their butts, I am ready. Standing up, I turn my body side ways and hop, it all happens fast. All of a sudden I’m at the jump and there’s silence as I flail through the air. With my feet under me I try to land but I end up in sprawling tumble down the hillside. Shook up and a little disoriented I find my snowboard, my new favorite thing in the world, and I hike right back up the hill…

With Luke’s decision to hit up the sled hill for a few laps he reminded me of why I snowboard. I don’t do it because I want fortune and fame, I don’t do it for anybody else. I do it because it’s fun and I love it. I do it for me and I do it because it’s a reminder of who I am at heart. Thanks for the session Luke.



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