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The Sailor Kicks – Practice Session 1

Somewhere along the line, a couple of very good friends of mine decided to get together and start making music. When they told me about their band, the Sailor Kicks, I knew right away that this was gonna be good and I hadn’t even heard the music yet. We all pretty much grew up listening to the same music, skated together and went to school together so I thought I knew what to expect, but what I heard was way better!

Visiting Grand Rapids over the summer I had hoped to catch a live show and hear them in person. Unfortunately, I got in to town a day late. But the rad friends that they are, they invited me out to hear them practice (a whole set). While I was there they graciously let me shoot some video and photos of the practice.

There is at least one more of the live practice videos coming. They played straight through a typical set and I shot quite a bit, but rather than post it all I’m breaking it up a bit, choosing my favorites. Until then, thanks for checking out the blog. Enjoy the photos and the fresh new sound of the Sailor Kicks!



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