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Mid in the West Part 2 – Loveland Pass

It was Luke’s last day in town and it was his choice of where we should go ride. After shuttling Loveland pass for the past couple days Luke wanted to return to explore a little more and to share the good snow he had found. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about I’ll do my best to explain…

Loveland Pass sits atop the Continental Divide at the heart of the Colorado Rockies. The road up the pass takes you through switchbacks that snake up the side of the mountains, often doubling back at a higher elevation. The switch-backs, when combined with the natural terrain and fall lines of the surronding mountains, create an area where you can ride from the top of the pass downward and run right back into the road you came up on. With the right group of friends you can take turns riding/driving and shuttle the pass for free, or if your feeling adventurous you can stick your thumb out at the bottom and grab a lift back to the top. Since there are resorts to either side of the pass traffic flow can be pretty steady and it is Colorado, everyone came here for the same thing, the snow. People out here know what’s up and most often are down to give you a lift.






































I’ve met some great people shuttling the pass and this adventure was no different. After our first couple laps we caught a ride up with 3 new friends Jordan, Collin and the Guardian of the snowboards, one big pup. At the top we started to hike out to a good spot to strap in and after a few minutes we all stop for a quick breath. We had all ready dropped this section before and from the road in the back of a truck, we had been spotting new lines. A quick confirmation from the group and it was decided, hike further and find those lines.


















After a not so bad 30 minute hike it was time for a quick break before dropping in, time to catch the breath and take in the views. Hidden in small valleys all the way down was the snow we had been hoping for, blown in to the low areas creating caches of powdery goodness. The way down was like living the summer time daydreams, slashing pockets and laying out turns all under a blue bird sky.



When all was said and done it was yet another fun, memorable day on a snowboard. With resorts on all sides of us and questionable looking conditions, Luke and his hunger for snowboarding once again led us to where we needed to be. Shred for the fun of it, shred for the love of it.




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