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Music and Adventure in Michigan – Spirit Bear

While adventuring through Michigan on tour this past winter I had the chance to see some good friends and hear some great music. I pretty typically don’t shut up about my friends and the amazing music they make, luckily they are all starting to produce albums and more delicious sounds for your ear drums. At one point, my favorite Grand Rapids bands (friends) put together a last minute show for myself and all the homies on tour.

Eager to hear my first bit of Spirit Bear, on one of the first nights in town Mike Balmer, Ben Pozniak and Eric Browning treated me to a quick couple of songs. I had found the lyrics to this song titled “Future,” scribbled on a piece of notebook paper, laying on Balmers bed the night before. When I asked him about it, he got a look in his eye that told me this meant something to him and I knew it was gonna be good. So, slowly but surly I am putting together ‘mini’ edits of my brief stay in GR. This one here is the first in what could be many edits to come.

Thanks you for all the musical goodness while I was home for a bit!



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