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Mid in the West Part 2 – Loveland Pass

It was Luke’s last day in town and it was his choice of where we should go ride. After shuttling Loveland pass for the past couple days Luke wanted to return to explore a little more and to share the good snow he had found. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about I’ll do my best to explain…



The Mighty Midwest Snowboard Camp Tour and Shred Circuit Posters

The past few weeks have brought a handful of new projects to work on. Most recently finished are two posters; one for the Mighty Midwest Snowboard Camp Tour and one for the Shred Circuit.¬† Be sure to check both of these events out as they are both going to be a lot of fun. The MMW Camp Tour is all about teaching kids how to have fun on their snowboards. Every camper leaves with an arm full prizes after 2 days of shredding with the guest pro coaches. If the Camp is not for you it’s all good because the Shred Circuit is for everyone and both events travel together. Carrying over the same kind of energy and fun from the Camp Tour, the shred circuit is a contest series not to be missed. One winner from each stop will be flown to Winter Park Colorado to compete in the finals.


“A Truck Named Art” – Pedal Hard Pedal Fast Install

Recently I had the chance to be apart of the “unconventional mobile art gallery,” A Truck Named Art. Parked in front of the main entrance to the Westward Music Festival, the gallery was open to the thousands in attendance for free. Not only is Denver a very biker friendly city but the music festival also promoted riding your bike for “free parking.” With this in mind, I created the Pedal Hard Pedal Fast install in hopes of attracting the attention of all the pedal enthusiast and was not disappointed. The raddest part of the day was when a couple guys pedaling their fixed gears happen to catch a peek from the road, locked ’em up and turned around to check out the truck.

There we’re a bunch of talented Denver artists involved in this project, you can find more of their work at A big thank you to Pat Milbery and the So-Gnar crew for the chance to display some work and meet some rad individuals and artists.



There is a ton happening this weekend in Denver so make sure to give yourself a chance to drop in on the “A Truck Named Art” exhibit out front at the Westward Music Festival, more info here.

Pedal Hard Pedal Fast

When Milbs at So-Gnar asked me to do a piece I was excited and overwhelmed, I had no idea what I would do. Based on a graphic I developed and inspired by urban environments, citys¬† and my love for pedaling a fixed gear bike, an installation took form. To see the final instal you’ll have to find A Truck Named Art in downtown Denver this Saturday. For a tease, here is the graphic that fueled the inspiration.


Usually, any chance that I get to go and film I jump on it. This year, I’ve been able to be involved with multiple projects. Working with Marc Moline and Antixmedia, I’ve been able to provide video for several edits produce for Echo Mountain.

These first two are the most recent edits…



These first two are from a little earlier in the season…



New Camera: Photo Post

Finally, I have a camera to call my own, a Canon T2I. The other week I went up near St. Mary’s glacier, Eclipse to be exact, and shot some photo’s of snowboarding and scenery to test out the new camera. Unfortunately a few of the shred photo’s are up in the mix here and there, so I’ll keep those on the DL for now. In the meantime check out some of my favorites from the journey.

Painter Portraits

Snow Scenery

Cat Tracks