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First Hike in CO – James Peak 13,294 feet

Taking in the view close to 13,000ft

Since I’ve lived in Colorado I’ve done a lot of different things and been to a lot of different places. But Colorado is big, fun and full of adventures and I know I’ve only scratched the surface. A friend of mine tried all last summer to get me to come out and hike a 14er (a 14,000ft+ mountain), for many reasons it never happened. This year however, I hope to bag a couple 14ers with my friend Ryan. For our first adventure we decided to go mellow and hike James Peak (13,294ft) on the Continental Divide. I’m not used to being in the mountains outside of winter, typically the mountains are covered with snow and I have a board strapped to my feet when I decide to visit them. This was completely different and I loved it! Check out some of the photos that I snagged from the hike, the panoramic ones are my favorite. With James Peak under my belt for a warm up, next week is time for my first 14er! Read the rest of this page »


So-Gnar and Woodward at Copper

Fresh from my editing studio, aka our spare bedroom at the foot of the Rockie Mountains, is an cut of some fun summer shred. Every week myself and the So-Gnar crew pile into Pat’s truck and roll up to Copper for a day of  snowboarding, skating and fun! Then in the evenings we get all the campers together for a ‘creative session’ on some choice features and stoke them out with some free swag. Check out the summer fun, more to come!


FireHouse, So-Gnar Photo-Shoot – Video

I have been working with both So-Gnar and FireHouse for the past couple years now and it’s surprise something like this hasn’t happened sooner. Preparing for future collaborations both crews got together and headed up into the mountains for a chance to stack some photo’s with photographer Chris Faronea. Lurking behind the scenes I was able to gather some really good shots and combined them with some footy from Ian Winters of FireHouse to create an edit that captured the day. While there are no photo’s here on the blog, keep your eyes open for them in shred mags this coming year as these two companies look to continue to do work together. In the meantime, enjoy the edit!




“A Truck Named Art” – Pedal Hard Pedal Fast Install

Recently I had the chance to be apart of the “unconventional mobile art gallery,” A Truck Named Art. Parked in front of the main entrance to the Westward Music Festival, the gallery was open to the thousands in attendance for free. Not only is Denver a very biker friendly city but the music festival also promoted riding your bike for “free parking.” With this in mind, I created the Pedal Hard Pedal Fast install in hopes of attracting the attention of all the pedal enthusiast and was not disappointed. The raddest part of the day was when a couple guys pedaling their fixed gears happen to catch a peek from the road, locked ’em up and turned around to check out the truck.

There we’re a bunch of talented Denver artists involved in this project, you can find more of their work at A big thank you to Pat Milbery and the So-Gnar crew for the chance to display some work and meet some rad individuals and artists.



There is a ton happening this weekend in Denver so make sure to give yourself a chance to drop in on the “A Truck Named Art” exhibit out front at the Westward Music Festival, more info here.

Pedal Hard Pedal Fast

When Milbs at So-Gnar asked me to do a piece I was excited and overwhelmed, I had no idea what I would do. Based on a graphic I developed and inspired by urban environments, citys  and my love for pedaling a fixed gear bike, an installation took form. To see the final instal you’ll have to find A Truck Named Art in downtown Denver this Saturday. For a tease, here is the graphic that fueled the inspiration.

“Getting Barrelled” Edit

Spring time you say? Almost summer you say? Time to shred we say!

Fortunately for us, the Rockie Mountains are in our back yard. So one fine spring morning a crew of Brook Corning(father), Chris Corning(son), Pat Milbery and myself decided it was time to get our snowboard fix. With shovels in hand and the barrels welded(thanks Tony), the day was ripe for a good session. Check out the fun and beware the trickery!


Cypress Hill at The Ogden – Colt 45 Blast

I’m not, strictly speaking, a Cypress Hill fan. I’ve listened to their music throughout the years randomly at best. That said, after seeing them live I now have a new respect from Cypress Hill. They really get the crowd hyped and know how to create energy. For now, enjoy some photo’s from the show (note: there was no smoke machine used in the performance, all the haze and smoke is man-made), a video edit from the night is in the works.