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Mid in the West Part 2 – Loveland Pass

It was Luke’s last day in town and it was his choice of where we should go ride. After shuttling Loveland pass for the past couple days Luke wanted to return to explore a little more and to share the good snow he had found. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about I’ll do my best to explain…



The Mighty Midwest Snowboard Camp Tour and Shred Circuit Posters

The past few weeks have brought a handful of new projects to work on. Most recently finished are two posters; one for the Mighty Midwest Snowboard Camp Tour and one for the Shred Circuit.  Be sure to check both of these events out as they are both going to be a lot of fun. The MMW Camp Tour is all about teaching kids how to have fun on their snowboards. Every camper leaves with an arm full prizes after 2 days of shredding with the guest pro coaches. If the Camp is not for you it’s all good because the Shred Circuit is for everyone and both events travel together. Carrying over the same kind of energy and fun from the Camp Tour, the shred circuit is a contest series not to be missed. One winner from each stop will be flown to Winter Park Colorado to compete in the finals.



Cypress Hill at The Ogden – Colt 45 Blast

I’m not, strictly speaking, a Cypress Hill fan. I’ve listened to their music throughout the years randomly at best. That said, after seeing them live I now have a new respect from Cypress Hill. They really get the crowd hyped and know how to create energy. For now, enjoy some photo’s from the show (note: there was no smoke machine used in the performance, all the haze and smoke is man-made), a video edit from the night is in the works.