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Pat Milbery’s Snowboard Video Part – A Tribute to Eyedea AKA Mike Larsen

After spending a season filming with Pat, he wanted to use his footage to create a tribute to an influential person in his life who had recently passed, Mike Larsen a.k.a. Eyedea. Picking the track “How Eye One The Write To Think” from Oliver Hart, Pat wanted to construct the beginning of the video as an introduction that, in a way, reflected the pace and feel of the music. The final video has a self written introduction by Pat himself as well as a portrait charcoal drawing done by artist Brian Curan.



Cypress Hill at The Ogden – Colt 45 Blast

I’m not, strictly speaking, a Cypress Hill fan. I’ve listened to their music throughout the years randomly at best. That said, after seeing them live I now have a new respect from Cypress Hill. They really get the crowd hyped and know how to create energy. For now, enjoy some photo’s from the show (note: there was no smoke machine used in the performance, all the haze and smoke is man-made), a video edit from the night is in the works.

Traveling to Austin with So-Gnar

Recently I hopped on a plane with Pat Milbery and headed to Austin Texas for what turned out to be a busy, eventful, fun trip. Straight from the airport we hit up Lake Austin for some wave shredding action with Griff, Small Hands and some other Austin Homies. The following day was an Art Installation followed up by some live Hip Hop and another 6 am pool party. The hospitality shown to us was amazing from places to crash, to not having to pay for a thing when we went out our friends in the ATX took care of us and made sure we had a good time.

Thanks to everyone I met on this trip, you showed me that, yes indeed Texas can be worth the trip and tons of fun. Enjoy the edit, a couple more in the mix at the moment including a Copper/Woodward update and a trip to Minnesota to cover the Red Bull Flugtag.