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Paul Gemignani Method Photo

Paul Gemignani is a fellow Michigander from the U.P. who I met last year on the MMW Tour. We had the chance to get together in Colorado with friend and photographer Terry Ratzlaff to try and get some shots. It wasn’t the easiest of days but while looking through SBCM I found out that it paid off. There on page 61 was a method that I recognized and sure enough it was Paul. As far as I know the video never made it out anywhere so I created a short from that day to show to Adam at SBCM.



New Camera: Photo Post

Finally, I have a camera to call my own, a Canon T2I. The other week I went up near St. Mary’s glacier, Eclipse to be exact, and shot some photo’s of snowboarding and scenery to test out the new camera. Unfortunately a few of the shred photo’s are up in the mix here and there, so I’ll keep those on the DL for now. In the meantime check out some of my favorites from the journey.

Painter Portraits

Snow Scenery

Cat Tracks